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We take a slightly different view to most other firms when it comes to the 'TEAM'. You see, our view is simply: the TEAM comprises of US AND YOU, not just us.

That's why we work so hard to build a solid relationship with you and all our other clients. It's what helps set us apart from all other accounting firms.

In fact, the TEAM PHILOSOPHY we work to is the key ingredient in forging a successful relationship with you.

Having said that, let us introduce ourselves to you. Here's a brief introduction to the team...


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David Fraidenburg, CPA Director of Tax and Accounting

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Dave has been successful in the corporate arena. While at Price Waterhouse Coopers his mantra for achievement was: “Do things to the fullest or not at all.” An entrepreneur He owns his CPA firm and Payroll Service. Dave graduated with a BS in business from UC Berkeley, going on to become a CPA. He demonstrates the power of managing assets in everything he does…his favorite assets to manage are his beautiful grandchildren. His wife manages him!

Janet I Behm, EA Director of Client Services

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Janet won her first IRS Revenue Ruling before she was 21 years old. She has an Enrolled Agent designation with the Internal Revenue Service and is, “…not afraid of the IRS!”. An entrepreneur, having owned Accounting Services, Commercial and Business Brokering Services. She has a BA in Accounting. Janet is married and has travelled the world singing opera and in choirs. She can really hit the high notes!

Raymond G. Hanson, MCBC, CMEA, BVAL Broker – Business Advisory Director

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Ray has been a self-employed entrepreneur for nearly 45 years. If you’ve got it, he can appraise its value. He has owned his business brokerage in Oregon, Washington, and Utah starting back in 1993. Before that he was known as The Soft Drink King of Tillamook County. That helps explain why he’s so debonair! Ray can be found most weekends, losing golf balls.

Lynn R. Behm Business Advisor

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Lynn has worked for himself most of his career. He attributes his success to giving more than is expected. An entrepreneur having owned an employment agency, a singing telegram service and a post-secondary school of hypnotherapy. He has a BS. In Psychology. Lynn is married. He knows the lyrics to about a million songs and is currently working on a screenplay.

Greg Airhart Business Advisor

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Greg is a man-of-action. As an entrepreneur Greg has owned businesses in mortgage lending, commercial lending, water treatment, real estate and his Bikram Yoga Studio. He has been a teacher and coach in business, finance and entrepreneurship. His joy is, assisting others in selling or buying a business without stress. Greg is married and can be found daily stretching and balancing as a Yogi in his gorgeous studio.

Mary Fraidenburg Office Manager

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Mary is like the ram-rod on a cattle drive…she keeps the herd headed in the right direction. She is one of several Quick Books, Pro-advisors on staff. Her absolute gift is her communication skills… (it is understood she knows her way around a debit). Always ready for a road trip. Mary and her husband have 5 children and 9 grandchildren who fill her heart with love.

Linda Bass Payroll Manager

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Linda is a bookkeeper with an international flair, “…the Yen, a Buck or a Pound…it makes the world go ‘round”. In 26 years of Accounting and Bookkeeping she’s seen it all. Her joy is in non-profits where she has even been involved in fund raising. As an entrepreneur, she wrangled kids in her day-care…and survived! Linda and her husband have four boys. She is very proud of her family, two of whom are soldiers.

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We take a slightly different view to most other firms when it comes to the "TEAM". You see, our view is simple: the TEAM comprises of US AND YOU, not just us.

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